Harry Potter 7 (pt. 1) – Meh

I was disappointed by part 1 of the 7th Harry Potter movie. And what is even more upsetting to me is that I’m the only one who seems to feel that way. To me, the movie offered no real intensity or climax. Of course I’m saying this in comparision to the other  movies, not movies in general. After watching the first 6 films, I started to notice a pattern: each was much better than the last. Until the 7th.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is my favorite book in the series. But if you want to break it down into parts, the first half was my least favorite book, and the second half was my favorite. I felt that the first half, right up until about the Silver Doe chapter, was not very intriguing compared to the rest of the series. And the movie mirrored that. Even though I didn’t have high expectations going into part 1, I did feel like they’d do something to spice up the movie version. But it mirrored my memory of the book almost exactly (aside from the too graphic make-out scene between the Harry and Hermione, courtesy of the evil locket.)

The reason I expected more was because of the fifth movie. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix was my least favorite book as a whole. But when the movie came out, it became my favorite film. If they could create an awesome movie out of that book, why couldn’t they do the same for the 7th?

I’m not saying the movie was garbage. Compared to other movies, it was still good (because I hold Harry Potter in much higher regard that anything else). My negative feelings toward it is because it was exactly like the first half of the book, offering no extra oomph. Maybe I’m just the kind of person who has different opinions from everyone else. After all, I loved that JK added the epilogue to book 7, whereas most people I talked to didn’t. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for the final installment, and I’m positive it won’t disappoint.


Harry Potter 6 – The Funniest Potter Film of All

Ron and HermioneHoly cow. I don’t think Harry Potter has ever made me laugh as hard as I did in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. From Ron’s love-drunk behavior to Harry’s uncharacteristicly silly demeanor after drinking the luck potion, I nearly peed my pants.

This was easily the best Harry Potter film so far. The teens were growing and maturing, falling in love and – if I may say so myself – looking fabulous. Hermione (Emma Watson) has turned into a beauty queen. And even though that’s not how she’s described in the book, she’s the perfect actress for the onscreen adaptation. And Ron (Rupert Grint)…wow. Talk about buffing up. The once awkward-looking redhead has transformed into quite the looker!Ginny and Harry

The novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was fabulous. But it always felt like it was a continuation of the previous novel, or a bridge to The Deathly Hallows. On it’s own, it doesn’t have much of a storyline. The movie reflected that, but in a good way. It doesn’t waste time with introductions or explanations or anything to get the fans caught up. (I mean, by now, shouldn’t fans have a good understand of who’s who and what’s what?) It dives right into the plot which is so rich with action. One minute your laughing, the next your ready to pound Malfoy into the ground, then your grinning, laughing again, furious, fearful, and finally teary-eyed. But you’ll walk out of their wishing you could park your but right back in that chair and stay for the next showing. It’s that good.