The Road to Publishing

My name is Nicole Skutelnik and I’m a writer, bookstore owner and occasional editor. As most of my friends, family, former co-workers and customers know, I’ve been writing and honing (and honing, and honing, and honing) a young adult novel for about three years now. And good news! It’s nearly finished. I decided to set up this blog during the home stretch of my editing process to give my future readers an inside look at the publishing process. From what I’ve been told, the writing and editing of a novel (though time consuming) is the easy part. What comes next is ego-blasting rejections and a long, tedious waiting game. After reading about other authors and their long, treacherous journeys to getting published, I see that everybody’s circumstance is different. Some authors luck out on their first try and deliver their manuscripts to an agent or publisher who is their perfect match. Others spend months if not years trying to find a home for their more-than-deserving manuscript. Whether my road is stormy and filled with rejection potholes, or smooth sailing like a convertible in a summer breeze, I won’t quit until my first of many novels seeks representation. Wish me luck.


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