iBoy – Not Your Average Superhero

I realize that I haven’t posted a blog since the summer. It’s mostly because I haven’t read a book worth blogging about until last week, which was iBoy by Kevin Brooks. It’s about a teenage boy who suffers a head injury when an iPhone is thrown from a high-rise apartment building. Small pieces of the iPhone are lodged into sensitive parts of his brain tissue making it impossible for the doctors to remove all of it. These pieces somehow fuse with his brain, giving his mind the capabilities of an iPhone, along with a few superpowers. When I first read the synopsis of this book, I though Oh, great, more publicity for iPhones and all the other technology that’s taking over the world. But I gave it a chance anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Kevin Brooks is a great writer. (Click here for a full review)

I’ve noticed a pattern with the books I tend to enjoy; some are dystopian, others are modern day, none are vampires – but almost all of them are targeted at boys. I am not a boy. My boyfriend will attest to that. But for some reason, very few books with female protagonists excite me. I find the girls spend too much time in their heads, dreaming about a tall, dark and handsome vampire/werewolf/ghost/angel/immortal/demon/pixie/fairy/god, which is totally not my type anyway. So I tend to prefer male protagonists, who spend more time getting into and out of life-threatening situations. Any writer who can keep me at the edge of my seat, completely clueless as to how a character will get out of a deadly predicament is a good one in my books.


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