Rejection Letter #4: Positive Feedback

Clearly it takes a new agent to finally recieve some positive reinforcement in a rejection letter. At least, that has been my experience so far. Today I recieved my fourth rejection letter (the rejection scrapbook is starting to bulk up!) from Rachel Stout, a newer agent at Dystel & Goderick Literary Management. I sent her my query on March 26, 2011, so her response time is still quite quick. Here is what she had to say:

Thanks so much for giving us the chance to review TITLE OF MY BOOK. Please forgive me for being so short in my response, but the number of submissions we recieve makes it difficult to respond to everyone personally. Brooke sounds like a great character, but unfortunately, this project does not suit our list at this time.

I wish you the very best of luck in your continued search for representation.


I must say, even if the positive comment about my protagonist is part of her response formula to soften the blow of rejection, it did the trick. It made me feel like all hope is not lost, not that four rejections is enough to crush my hopes and dreams. I’ll rediscuss dream-crushing emotions at rejection #14.


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