The Finish Line or The Starting Line?

Depending on how you look at it, I’m either two weeks closer to the finish line or two weeks away from the starting line. On one hand, I’m about to complete what I hope is my last read through of my novel before sending it off to my prefered agency. On the other, I’m about to start a new, ardous, potentially-heartbreaking journey. But I’ve faced rejection before, and I’m prepared for it. In fact, I expect it.

Personally, I think the rejection will be easier to handle than the criticism from editors once my book is accepted. I would be devasted if an editor said “I love your book, but I would like you to change it from third person to first.” Or worse, “I’d like you to write this book through only one character’s perspective instead of four.” That just can’t be done. And if they ask me to shorten the book, I won’t know what to say. After my first draft, the novel was over 138,000 words. WAAAAYYY too long for a young adult novel by a first-time author. Since then I’ve editted the book down to 118,000 words. And unless the editor can pick out something worth eliminating, I certainly can’t.

I tried to do what I admired so much about JK Rowling’s writing, by adding characters and references to the first book that will come into play and connect to the second, third and fourth books in the series. At first glance, some of my characters might not seem significant to the plot of the first book. But I’ve planted them here so they can flourish in other books.

Right now, I’m halfway through my final read. Then my mother will give it a final once over, and I’ll make any last minute changes necessary. Then I’ll send it off to agency number one. Hey, you never know. If one is going to accept me, it might as well be them! (Cross my fingers).


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